Baltimore The Curse Bells Brings Vampires, Gore, and Violence in an Excellent Way


Baltimore The Curse Bells follows the horrific adventures of Lord Baltimore as he is confronted by an insane warlock and vampiric nuns who are preparing to unleash a curse on a small European town. During confrontations and wanderings directly associated with this curse, Baltimore contines to hunt for his nemesis, the vampire Haigus.

Too often when you talk about horror and either books or graphic novels, there is always one typical issue that every reader faces. Am I going to be able to understand and follow the plot? With all of the twists and turns that are typically introduced into horror media, there is a geniune lack of directness. Baltimore: The Curse Bells is a return to what I love: straightforward horror with a direct, understandable plot. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a slash’em up, no plot story. There is a main theme, a main reason for Lord Baltimore to continue his adventures. All of these other subplots are all directly related to his hunt for the vampire Haigus.

In their first meeting, the vampire Haigus took Lord Baltimore’s leg while Baltimore took the vampire’s eye. Their second encounter, Haigus killed Lord Baltimore’s family, transforming them into bloodsuckers. Baltimore had to put down his own family, and now he is relentless in his hunt for the vampire who ruined his life. In this book, Lord Baltimore’s quest brings him in contact and combat with vampires, demons, a warlock, a reincarnated witch, and so many more. I do not want to give an spoilers away to this book because it is absolutely worth the read.

Let’s talk about vampires. The vampires in this book have one feature that I absolutely love: the piranha teeth. Rather than the two cute little fangs so often portrayed in 80’s and 90’s horror, these vampires have a mouthful of razor sharp teeth. This gives them a more predatory look, which adds to the horror in the story. They remind me of the look of the vampires in 30 Days of Night, except, in some cases, a little bit more dried out and leathery looking.

The pace and character development are very strongly done. The interaction between Lord Baltimore and other humans is believable and understandable. Some of the methods that are utilized by Lord Baltimore and another character to extract information from others are inventive and cruel. The people behind this book did their homework on tools of torture and methods of medieval interrogation. The story is easy to read, with no confusion between panels in relation to the flow of dialogue or storyline. This is an extremely well put together book that is a very enjoyable read for those of us who like our vampires evil, our landscape bloody, and the victims numerous.

I highly recommend this book. Lord Baltimore: The Curse Bells is an enjoyable read that everyone, from comic enthusiasts to horror fiends, will seriously enjoy. If you’re like me, you’ll be dying to see more too.


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