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Let me just start by saying, this was probably the best season thus far of True Blood.  If you are unfamiliar with True Blood, let’s just say it is outrageous, sexy, and fun to watch. Season 4 did an amazing job with folding all the smaller plot lines together than the previous seasons and it came together perfectly at the end.  However, today I wanted to focus on recapping the season to prepare you for the upcoming season on Sunday.

Let’s start with everyone’s favorite subject – love triangles.  Something about Sookie was different last season, but she seemed to be more likeable than in the previous three combined.  Was it the fact that she was changing her mind between our two male vampire leads (Eric and Bill) on an episode to episode basis that kept her interesting? Not to mention, Eric suffered a bit of amnesia this season that most definitely added a lot of vulnerability and sweetness to his macho Viking persona, all the while Bill was becoming a surprisingly effective and appealing vampire king as well as a caring maker for Jessica.  Also, how can we forget about Sookie’s super sexy fantasy menage a trois, with Bill and Eric.

However, the Eric-Bill-Sookie triangle was not all that was focused on! How about the Jessica-Hoyt-Jason triangle?  Jessica broke it off with Hoyt and seduced Jason after he was, how can we say this, “violated” by were-panthers? Jason actually became someone most of us started to truly care about this season, whether you admit it or not, we were all hoping he would escape.  He had a lot of things happen to him this season, Sookie was gone for a “year” and he had to take care of himself and ultimately landed him a job as a cop – which worked very well for his story.

Then we go to Sam.  His storyline was fantastic this season.  Sam’s story consisted of comedy, murder, sexual deception, anger, and ultimately, Tommy’s tragic death.  He had a lot of time with Alcide and his werewolves too.  Remember, Alcide did kill the pack leader to help defend Sam and Luna.

This season, however, was the debut of witches.  Marnie was our main girl and had a very maniacal, homicidal slash to her.  It was particularly awesome when the ghost which Antonia came full circle as a character by using Marnie has a medium.  The writers also did a fantastic job unfolding Lafayette, Jesus, Tara and Holly into the witch plotline as Lafayette’s new powers allowed the dead to come alive “through” him.  Remember when he kidnapped Terry and Arlene’s baby because he was possessed?  Although I am saddened that we eventually lost Jesus, the show must go on.  It made the season so much more dramatic.

At first, I was skeptical about the whole ghost thing, but it was quite cool near the end – especially in the finale when we got to see Jason and Sookie’s Gran again.  The fairy stuff was also ramped up this season from it’s previous encounters.

Let’s talk about death.  We lost some valuable and important characters this season – Sophie-Anne, Claudine, Tommy Mickens, Jesus, Nan, a few sheriffs, witches and of course, Tara.  She took a bullet for Sookie against the crazy Debbie Pelt (who also ended up dead last season).  However, Tara’s death was the most notable.  She was a troubled character from the beginning and always just trying to “get away from all the crazy.”  Her death should play a huge part in season 5.  Will she end up coming back?  My theory is, yes (in the form of a vampire?)

That pretty much recaps the important parts of season 4. So let’s briefly touch on what we want for next season.  At this point, it seems like Alan Ball is ready to ditch the “one-book-one-season” structure behind.  Let’s face it, we are already so far apart from the books as it is.  Russell Edgington and Steve Newlin.  This is what we want. Anicient vampire and anti-vampire teaming up for some chaos.  This should be awesome, especially if you consider Jason and Steve’s history.  Christopher Maloni joins us as “The Authority” and that should lead to some pretty spectacular plot.

We want blood, sex, and lots of crazy because let’s face it, that’s what got us hooked the first time we turned on this show, wasn’t it?

Now, before the premiere on Sunday, give yourself a sneak peek with some season 5 trailers:


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