Prometheus Is A Cinematic Masterpiece


Dark, intense, and gripping, Prometheus is everything we hoped it would be and more. Wonderfully acted, visually stunning, and brimming with nail-biting suspense, this film is nothing short of a masterpiece. Broader in scope but equally as terrifying as the original, Prometheus is this summer’s most entertaining film. Fans of the original Alien film will be thrilled with Ridley Scott’s latest directorial effort.

The ship Prometheus arrives on a strange, hostile planet while searching for answers about the dawn of mankind. Dr. Elizabeth Shaw is driven by faith and her friend and colleague, Dr. Holloway, who has been with her throughout her entire career searching for clues regarding the birth of mankind. It doesn’t take long for Shaw and the crew of Prometheus to realize they are in grave danger. The stakes are raised even higher when they discover the true intentions of their “makers,” and what that means for Earth.

Noomi Rapace delivers a powerful, genuine performance as Elizabeth Shaw, the protagonist. She takes a  demanding lead role and owns it, bringing incredible emotional depth to a truly fantastic character. After her inspiring performance here, she can land any role she wants. Michael Fassbender also shines as David, the android who helps  figure out the aliens’ true plot. He and Rapace make the movie, with some help from Idris Elba. Elba has starred in films such as Thor and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, but here he has outdone himself. Hollywood needs to give him bigger, better roles, because he has certainly shown his chops. Charlize Theron’s performance falls short of expectations, coming off as stiff and uninteresting. She relies on Fassbender and Rapace to hold her up, but ultimately she falls flat. The rest of the cast does well supporting the principle cast, but that’s all they are there for.

The first forty five minutes or so of the  film moves at a sluggish pace, which might bore some viewers, but that time is spent introducing and developing the characters and building on them. The film’s pace, for the most part, is slow, even during the most intense scenes. The leisurely pace might catch audiences off guard, but it works fairly well. Some may say the pace doesn’t match what’s happening, and they may be right, but this isn’t an action film. The suspense builds gradually, as does the tension. But that’s what made the first Alien film so memorable and terrifying. There aren’t any drawn-out action scenes in that film, but the silent terror that the movie instills in viewers makes it a worthwhile experience.

The beautiful, sweeping landscapes that provide most of the film’s backdrop  are beautiful and awe-inspiring, and it’s easy to lose yourself in the splendor and beauty of it all. On top of that, the special effects are remarkable and it would not be wrong to say that Prometheus is a visual masterpiece.

Ridley Scott has successfully revived the Alien universe with Prometheus, and he couldn’t have done a better job in doing so.

5 out of 5 stars


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