The Weekly Lytherus Giveaways are Taking a Summer Break


Hi all!

Over the next few weeks the team here at Lytherus is going to be making some major changes to the layout of the site, on top of planning our Comic Con coverage (which is going to be awesome!). To accomodate all of this, we’re going to take a little break from our giveaways happening three times a week consistantly.

There’s one today (you have a few hours left to enter!), we have a surprise guest next week with all three giveaways, but other than that, there might only be one or two in the next month or so.

Keep following us on facebook and twitter, because when they do appear that’s the best place find them.

Happy hunting, and we’ll be back to three times a week before you know it — hopefully with a rockin’ new site and some kick-butt Comic Con coverage to add!


About Author

Lauren Zurchin is a professional photographer, creator of the 'Beyond Words' author calendar, and a life-long book enthusiast. When not catching up on the latest YA titles, she can be found nerding out to birds and roadtripping across the US.

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