Sony announces new “Harry Potter Book of Spells” – an interactive spellbook


Sony is going to be publishing a new book using their newest “Wonderbook” that was presented at their E3 conference.  “Wonderbook” is an augmented reality platform for the Playstation 3 – or in other words, a very fancy pop-up book.

The first book to be published using this technology will be a Harry Potter book of Spells – an interactive spellbook that will allow the reader to flip through the pages and learn spells from the magical world of Harry Potter. It’s part of a partnership between Sony and Pottermore, Rowling’s new online portal for all things Harry Potter. While reading the story and seeing it unfold in front of you, kids can also use a PlayStation Move to cast spells.

According to an article in Forbes:

In a little demo, the player accidentally summoned a dragon which burned the book – the player had to use his hands to wipe the soot off of the book. The book will also have little pop-up stories showing the discovery of Harry Potter icons like “Wingardiuam Leviosa.” sony will be demoing the game and new hardware at its booth at E3 this week, show check back to see how well it actually works. As it turns out, all a Muggle needs to do magic is several pieces of expensive proprietary hardware.



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