Throwback Review: Jack Brooks Monster Slayer is a Raging Fun Horror Movie

Ever since he watched monsters brutally slaughter his family during a childhood camping trip, local plumber Jack Brooks (Trevor Matthews) has had major anger management issues. But when a busted pipe disturbs an ancient evil, Jack will unwittingly unleash a force that transforms his kindly night school professor (Robert ‘FREDDY KRUEGER’ Englund) into a ravenous, tentacled, infectious beast from Hell. Even if Jack can no longer run from the demons of his past, can he at least hack them to pieces before they devour his entire class? Rachel Skarsten (Birds of Prey) and James A. Woods co-star in this over-the-top international film festival sensation that Fangoria hails as “a gore-oozing homage to wild-and-crazy ’80’s horror!”
Jack Brooks Monster Slayer. Looks like it would be pretty corny, right? Actually, this movie was highly entertaining. While there were almost no jump scares at all, the gore, ooze, and action made this film a really fun ride.
Does the film have flaws? Yes, yes it does.
At the beginning of the movie, when Jack is interacting with his shrink, it is almost painful. The doctor almost seems to be forcing his lines and there is no feeling of relationship between the two. It was almost like they were reading their lines off of a card.
The monster design could have seen some improvement. The cyclops and the big bloated monster both look way too much like puppets. The werewolf is pretty impressive and the possessed students are impressive, but the details weren’t included for all of the monsters. I would have liked to see more effort put into the design and look of the bloated monster since it is the main focus of this film.
So what does this movie have going for it?
Robert Englund as the befuddled professor who is slowly being possessed by an ancient evil is the perfect addition to this film. He is able to convey all of the stages of his possession. Plus, he is able to convincingly act out some of the most disgusting scenes in the movie (Englund vomiting on a blackboard and smearing it with his sleeve was especially gross). Englund brings the perfect amount of acting experience to the production and it tells.
The rest of the cast is another plus to this film, mainly the ones involved with the night class that Robert Englund’s character is instructing. They are a believable mixture of characters who are a representation of the cliques often associated with school based movies: the white rappers, the goth girls, the preps, etc. They all interact like they really are sitting in a mind-numbingly boring night class.
Trevor Matthews as Jack Brooks is an excellent lead once we get passed the initial scenes involving the therapist. He is excellent in his role as tragic hero who must overcome his past in order to find a home in the future. Matthews is able to convey the “working man” feel to the character while still kicking monster ass all over the place.
And yes, Jack does get the girl of his dreams at the end.
If I was to give this movie a rating, I would have to say it would get a 7 out of 10. I would love to see a sequel or series that documents Jack’s war against the creatures of the night.
This is a fun movie. It may have the horror that some of us crave, but it is still an enjoyable film. If you are having a bunch of friends over for a movie night, you couldn’t do better than to watch this movie. You just might want to avoid any food that is slimey, gooey, or stringy.



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