Supernatural: Season 7 Ends With A Surprising Cliffhanger


Spoilers ahead!

It’s a bit hard to believe that Supernatural has been around for seven years already and that it will return for 8th season in the fall. Season 7 had 23 episodes instead of the usual 22 and concluded with “Survival of the Fittest”. The episode was a bit less of an adrenaline rush than some of the previous season finales, but it certainly delivered one of the most surprising cliffhangers.

Crowley and Dick Roman agree on a deal that will allow Dick to double-cross the Winchesters. However, surprisingly, Crowley doesn’t go along with the plan and gives the Winchesters his real blood, so in the end, they do manage to kill Dick. Also, it seems that Bobby will not be returning in the future, since Sam and Dean burned his flask – the only thing that was keeping him tied to the world of the living. Bobby’s exit was a very poignant moment and he will surely be greatly missed. But then, again, it’s Supernatural, and you can never be sure what will or won’t stay dead.

Castiel played an important role in the episode, helping the brothers to identify the real Dick Roman, since he made several copies of himself to act as decoys. Meg had one very interesting scene where she made a grand entrance driving the Impala (as a distraction to help the brothers get inside Sucrocorp). Of all the previous big Impala entrances, this was probably the most impressive yet.

The episode was pretty straightforward, that is, until the very last minutes. Once Dean killed Dick Roman, he and Castiel simply vanished. Turns out, they ended up in Purgatory and the very last scene showed Dean being surrounded by some kind of monsters lurking in the dark forest. Bad news, to say the least, and a great set up for the next season.


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