Men in Black 3 Is A Welcome Addition To A Popular Franchise


After a lackluster second film, this third installment in the Men in Black series had a lot to prove. For one thing, it had to improve upon its predecessor. For another, it had to make us want to spend ten dollars to see it in the theater. Fortunately, this film does both. Funny, action-packed, and surprisingly touching, Men In Black 3 is a summer blockbuster you’ll want to put on your must-see list.

When the murderous Boris the Animal escapes from a high security prison on the moon, Agent J must travel back in time to stop an alien invasion. On top of that, he wants to save his partner, Agent K’s, life. But nothing could prepare him for the startling discoveries he will make about his partner’s past.

No one will be winning any Oscars here, but everyone played their roles very well. Will Smith returns as the wise-cracking, smart mouthed Agent J, and he slips back into the role with ease. Tommy Lee Jones reprises his role as Agent K, and the old fart is exactly as we remembered him: surly, serious, and dangerous with a space-gun. But it’s Josh Brolin who steals the show as a younger Agent K. His Tommy Lee Jones imitation is spot-on, and he is by far the most fun to watch onscreen. Jemaine Clement plays the ¬†antagonist, Boris the Animal, and he does a fine job delivering a creepy and repulsive villain.

The film has all of the ingredients that made the first Men In Black film work, and lacks those that made the second film bad. Agents K and J are back in good form, and are just as much fun to watch bicker onscreen as they were in the first movie. But more importantly, the fun, silly spirit of the franchise remains intact. On top of that, we get some very touching and powerful moments between K and J that add some emotional resonance to the film. Without the blend of action, clever humor, and out of this world characters, it wouldn’t be a Men In Black film.

While the special effects aren’t revolutionary or groundbreaking, they serve their purpose well enough. But a few of the monsters and set pieces look fake, and it takes away from the film a little bit. Making audiences aware that it’s all on a set because of sloppy visuals takes them out of the film and sometimes even detracts from their overall enjoyment. Usually, bad special effects aren’t a huge issue, but when they are noticeable enough that it takes away from the moviegoing experience, it becomes a problem.

Aside from that, Men in Black 3 is tons of fun. If you liked the first two movies, then you’re going to love J and K’s latest adventure.

4 out of 5 stars


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