DC Delivers Plenty of Action and Thrills in Aquaman #9 and The Flash #9, While The Amazing Spider-man #686 Disappoints


Looking for fun, exciting comics to read this week? You’re in luck!   Popular New 52 titles like Aquaman #9, The Flash #9, and Batman: The Dark Knight #9 hit store shelves this week, while Marvel releases the penultimate installment in the Ends of the Earth event, Amazing Spider-man #686! Check out reviews for Aquaman #9, The Flash #9, and Amazing Spider-man #686 below!


Aquaman #9

This ninth installment in the epic Aquaman series by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis is nothing short of spectacular. Featuring breathtaking artwork and incredible writing, Aquaman #9 is not only the best issue in the series so far, but it will have readers more excited than ever.

Aquaman and his former allies, collectively known as The Others, continue their search for the murderous Black Manta. Battling their way through Manta’s many agents, they will stop at nothing to bring their enemy to justice. But Manta is on a hunt of his own, and he won’t stop until his job is done, and the ultimate prize is his.

Geoff Johns continues to amaze with his talent, and his work on this issue in particular is proof that he was born to write Aquaman. His  knack for character development and great dialogue make our heroes jump right off the page. In this issue, he shocks readers with a startling revelation about Aquaman’s past that reveals the character’s humanity and makes him much more believable.  Ivan Reis provides stunning artwork, as usual, with clean, defined lines and vibrant colors.

If you’ve been enjoying Aquaman so far, you definitely need to pick up this latest issue.


The Flash #9

The Flash has been a pretty solid series so far, and this ninth issue only improves on past issues and takes us deeper into the fascinating adventures of Barry Allen.

After his battle with Turbine last time, The Flash finds himself trapped in Gorilla City, where the ruthless Gorilla Grodd reigns supreme. Believed to be a sacred messenger, he is attacked by Grodd. He must find a way out before the ape king kills him. But is he a match against such brute strength?

Francis Manapul handles this series with unmatched skill, and he may just be the best Flash scribe ever. Brian Buccellato, the talented artist charged with the daunting task of bringing this iconic character to life, delivers yet again. Here’s to hoping this incredible pair sticks with this series for years to come.


Amazing Spider-man #686

The penultimate chapter in the Ends of the Earth story arc, this issue, unfortunately, fails to deliver. Written by Dan Slott and drawn by Stefano Caselli, Amazing Spider-man #686 disappoints and  doesn’t lead into the finale very well.

The battle for the Earth continues, as Spider-man, Black Widow, and Silver Sable struggle to find Doc Ock’s secret lair and confront him once and for all. But when Doc Ock sends the Avengers against them, all hope seems lost.

The main problem with this issue is that Slott places too many obstacles in Spider-man’s way. Why is this a problem, you may ask? It’s a problem because there is no way he can realistically defeat Doc Ock and the Avengers in one issue AND have the arc conclude in a fitting and satisfying way. Everything just feels too cluttered.

Hopefully, Slott can find a way to tie this arc together without rushing anything. Fingers crossed.





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