Battleship Bores And Fails To Bring Anything New To The Genre


The summer movie season is in full swing. With one massive blockbuster behind us, Peter Berg’s action film Battleship is next in line. Battleship runs in the same vein as the Transformers films, relying heavily on campy special effects and skimping on character and plot development. Battleship disappoints, and will no doubt leave viewers asking themselves, “Was that it?”

Alex Hopper has disappointed everyone in his life, particularly his older brother, Stone. When Alex jeopardizes his brother’s job as a naval officer, he is forced to join the navy himself. While doing naval exercises off the coast of Hawaii, Alex, Stone, and a group of officers come across an enormous object. Curious, Alex and a few others approach it, which is a costly mistake. The object turns out to be part of an alien aircraft, and soon Alex, Stone, and their comrades are fighting for the fate of their planet. It is up to them to defeat this new alien menace before it is too late.

Taylor Kitsch delivers a dull and uninspiring performance, responding to every situation with little to no emotion. His character, Alex Hopper, is one of the most uninteresting protagonists in film history, and many viewers won’t care if he survives the film’s events or not. Rihanna plays Cora Raikes, who literally does nothing the entire movie and makes no significant contribution to the plot. The only performance worth mentioning is Liam Neeson’s brief  appearance as Admiral Shane. His screen time totals at about five minutes, but it is the best five minutes of the entire film. If there is a sequel, there needs to be more Neeson.

The battle scenes, while full of explosive, alien blasting action, are choppy and  don’t  serve a purpose other than to show off the film’s flashy special effects. On top of that, we don’t learn anything about the aliens and as a result we just won’t care. Berg obviously didn’t concern himself with plot or character development, because there isn’t any of that here.

Despite its many flaws, the film succeeds in providing some cheap thrills. While the action sequences are short and repetitive, they definitely get your adrenaline pumping. That’s the draw of this movie. The excitement in these scenes is enough to attract viewers who are looking for a corny, mindless escape from everyday life. And Battleship is just that.

Battleship brings nothing new to a stale genre, and those hoping for an intelligent, thoughtful action film will be sorely disappointed. But then again, was anyone expecting this movie to be intelligent?

1 out of 5 stars



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