Supernatural: “There Will Be Blood”


There Will Be Spoilers

Things are looking more and more dire in “There Will Be Blood”, as Dick Roman continues to slowly take over the world, this time, through the food industry. In the mean time, SamĀ and Dean continue their difficult quest of collecting all the necessary ingredients that will allow them to kill a leviathan. They track down the vampire Alpha, whose blood is one of these ingredients. Meanwhile, Dick Roman gets a hold of Kevin the prophet and makes him translate the word of God.

Season 7 ends this Friday, and “There Will Be Blood” made for an interesting set-up for the finale. The Winchesters still need Crowley’s blood and he got himself a bit tied up at the end of the episode, so it should be interesting to see how that plays out. Also, Bobby veered off even more toward vengeful spirit behavior when he possessed a person, which makes his situation even more of a dilemma. And since Supernatural was renewed for season 8, there is surely going to be some sort of supernaturally unbearable cliffhanger to keep us guessing all summer.


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