Newest “True Blood” trailer for season five released


After many teaser videos, posters, the behind-the-scene videos, and most recently, a whole set of character posters, we finally have an official trailer for the fifth season of True Blood and it looks amazing.  Stop reading here if you are not caught up with the most recent season (or if you do not want to know anything about the upcoming season) because there may be potential spoilers up ahead.

HBO just gave us this trailer, which starts by reminding us the brutal agony that Sookie faced at the end of Season 4 when Tara took a bullet for her from a super enraged Debbie.  However, it is worth noting that with the recent character posters that have been revealed, Tara was included.  This should mean that she will be back in some way/form in Season 5.  Unfortunately, she is not in this trailer, so it is still a mystery.

So what just happened?  Bill and Eric roping Sookie into something possibly dangerous (possibly having to do with Russell?). Was Sookie about to kiss Alcide? I think she’s due for a romance with him now that she’s supposedly done with Bill and Eric. Lafayette appears to have some kind encounter with the scary painted face guy. Chris Meloni’s vampire character is clearly in a position of authority. Jessica seems to be up to no good. I think mischief suits her. And Reverend Newlin seems to be embracing vampire-life and wants to farm humans. Also, stuff blew up.

True Blood comes back to your television on June 10th.


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