Supernatural: Of Leviathans And The Word Of God


Spoilers ahead

Things are really picking up on Supernatural, with the finale of season 7 quickly approaching, and the two latest episodes focusing on the main leviathan arc. There are demons, there are angels, and there is, of course, our ever-present leviathan buddy Dick Roman.

In “The Girl With The Dungeons & Dragons Tattoo”, Sam and Dean trace the location of Frank’s hard drive to be right at the heart of Richard Roman Enterprises and rush to get to it before the information from it can be extracted. Dick Roman gives the assignment of cracking the hard drive to Charlie, a gifted hacker who works at his company. When she is finally able to gain access to the hard drive, Charlie comes across information about leviathans. Shortly after, she witnesses something that erases all doubt that her boss is not exactly human. Charlie ends up helping the Winchesters to sneak away an important package meant for Dick Roman.

Supernatural got especially generous with pop culture references in this episode, especially with references to Harry Potter, which allowed for many hilarious moments. Charlie turned out to be a very memorable character, and one of the more interesting female characters on the show. There is also an interesting development involving Bobby, where he gets vengeful while helping Charlie and the Winchesters to get away from Dick Roman. For a moment there, Bobby acts just like a vengeful spirit, and Sam and Dean are worried that he might end up being one some day.

In “Reading Is Fundamental”, Sam and Dean try to figure out what Dick Roman’s package is meant for, since at first, it appears to be just a piece of clay. While they are breaking it open, a lightning storm starts out of nowhere. What they uncover turns out to be a stone tablet with unfamiliar writings on it. Meanwhile, lightning strikes a high school student, Kevin, at his home, which results in him becoming a prophet. As the brothers discover later on, the tablet contains the word of God and Kevin is able to read it.

There is a lot going on in this episode, the angels show up to try and take away the prophet, and Meg and Castiel making an appearance as well. When Sam and Dean uncover the stone tablet, all sorts of strange things happen, but more importantly, it seems to bring Castiel back to his angelic self. Except, not exactly. Castiel now remembers everything again, but he is very much unhinged, which is very unnerving to watch. With only two episodes left and still a lot of things to cover, it looks like this season is heading for one thrilling finale.


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