IDW’s Trio #1 is a campy, classic approach to comic books


ZAP! POW! BAM! — are sound effects you may actually see in this series, as John Byrne returns to his roots with a brand-new superhero series. Their code names are simple ONE, TWO and THREE, but the world calls them ROCK, PAPER and SCISSORS. Together, they are Trio.

The big names in comics are great, for sure. They have history, talent, and a steady cash flow backing them up. But when I want something outside of the big-name box – something new and different and just fun – I turn to IDW. As usual, this publishing company provided me with a solidly entertaining new series.

Trio #1 is obviously not going for the originality factor. It is blatantly (in a tongue-and-cheek fashion) applying classic themes and motifs to its storyline. Essentially Trio #1 is the Fantastic 4, (minus a member) transported back to the Silver Age of comics. (If you don’t know what the Silver Age of Comics is, you’ll probably not enjoy this series because the way it is written is a definite homage to the era!)

Author John Bryne “one-liners” his way into a charming opening issue. Bryne is a comedic writer and cartoonist of over 40 books and countless magazine issues. Therefore it’s no surprise that he manages both the writing and the artwork of Trio.

The issue opens up with something very ordinary for a Silver Age comic book, a monstrous evil villain causing havoc at the town bank. This particular villain is having quite the good ol’ time because the super heroes (Trio) of the town are dead, according to the local papers.

But as any good comic book reader knows, don’t count a hero out by the headlines! The Trio, One, Two, and Three (or Rock, Paper, and Scissors as they are otherwise known) have come to save the day. But this villain has a trick up its sleeve (or in its hardware as is the case of this particular mechanical villain). A large explosion takes its toll on the heroes. In fact, Paper (who is some sort of an amalgamation of Mr. Fantastic and his wife, The Invisible Woman) has been gravely injured. Will she survive?

Ah. An obvious-to predict cliffhanger. Of course. I love it!

Trio #1 is something you want to pick up to have a chuckle at what a nerd you are for liking this stuff – and enjoy it immensely in the process. Don’t take it too seriously, or it will be ridiculous and not hold a candle to some of the high-concept comics of the day. But for what it was seemingly trying to accomplish, it did quite well.


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