Dead Space 3 to possibly release by March 2013


Electronic Arts recently mentioned in their latest investor’s meeting that a new Dead Space may be in the near future.  Fans have hide time to take a break since Dead Space 2 was released – two years ago, but it ishighly possible that we may see Dead Space 3 by March 2013.

As of right now, it is still unclear as to whether this new Dead Space launch will be Dead Space 3 or another variation of the popular franchise. EA had mentioned previously that they want to “expand” the Dead Space series with FPS or an aerial combat spin-off. It would come as no surprise if the new Dead Space game mentioned by EA was in fact Dead Space 3 and not a spin-off.

Although EA could not promise a confirmation of title names, a follow-up email sent to Game Informer after the investor’s meeting said were we will learn more:

“There’s no further information today but watch for several big product announcements from EA at E3 in June.”

From what we have learn, the results of Dead Space 2 from EA’s perspective were less than favorable. They are determined to let Dead Space 3 decide the fate of the franchise by attempting to reach a broader audience – something Capcom is trying to do with the big survival-horror franchise, Resident Evil.  We could see a possible setting change on an ice planet that would make things a little more interesting, but what gameplay changes will it ship with?

At this point, it is a matter of waiting until E3 to see what EA has to offer.


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