The New DC #1 Issues Expand into Another Universe This Week with Earth-2 #1 and World’s Finest #1



Author James Robinson is no stranger to the Earth-2 scene. And almost 20 years after his first mini-series in this alternate DC dimension, he proves that again. Not familiar with Earth-2? No problem! That is, of course, DC’s point with starting every issue back at #1. (Though if you do want to know more, read Crisis on Infinite Earths.)

Robinson plunges readers right into the action in the middle of the battle for earth against the Parademons and their leader, Steppenwolf. Things aren’t going so hot for Earth-2 Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman. They are losing the battle quickly. But they have a plan. It’s a good plan, but it is one that almost ensures their own doom.

There are other heroes also fighting for Earth-2’s freedom as well. The Supergirl (Power Girl) and Robin (Huntress) of this world are doing their own part. These two are a great team-up, with great friend-chemistry between them (but more on that later, in the second review below). In fact all the characters were written quite well as emotionally driven, battle-hardened heroes.

The quickly defined characters were what made the issue interesting, but the plot in itself did not fall short. This story was basic enough that it could be understood by those just getting started into DC comics, but fast paced and introspective enough to be interesting for long-time readers. The story fits well with the classic, clean art of Nicola and Trevor Scott.

The issue ends by flashing forward to the years after the war is over. We see a new crop of characters about to take their place as heroes in a world that needs a little hope.

Watch out Al Pratt, Alan Scott, and Jay Garrick – by the chance of fate and flipped-flopped ways of Earth-2, you are the NEW heroes of the day. (How exciting is that!)

So what happens to Huntress and Power Girl? Find out by reading World’s Finest #1


World’s Finest #1

These two issues really go hand in hand. I would have been so mad (and confused) if I had just bought one without the other. World’s Finest #1 picks up from the middle of Earth-2 #1. Batman has figured out a way to destroy the Parademons by sending a virus through the towers supporting their lives and energy. But the effect has some unexpected consequences – including creating portal to Earth-1, in which Huntress (who is traditionally the Earth-2 daughter of Batman and Catwoman) and Power Girl (Superman’s cousin) get sucked into and spat out on the other side.

This issue is primarily about these two ladies five years in the future and what they have been doing with themselves and how they still plan on finding their way back to Earth-2. This leads me to my only real complaint about these two issues – the timeline jumps back and forth so much it makes the reader a bit dizzy. The constant jumping makes the story a little more difficult to follow, but not impossible by any means. It is more an annoyance than anything.

The highlight of the story is the relationship between these two ladies. They are friends written with such ease that their bond feels strong and natural. They have had to remake themselves in this new world – several times over, taking identities and swapping them as their own in order to stay both anonymous and fit in with the Earth-1 crowd. Power Girl had been able to do more than just that, becoming a “billionaire industrialist” over the past five years (don’t you just love how people are able to become billionaires so easily in comics?) who is pouring her money into research that might just take them home.

But the project is sabotaged, leading the girls to the first villain of the series, Hakkou. He’s ugly and mean and quite angry (though I have no idea why yet). Guess I’ll have to stay tuned to find out!


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