First DLC for “Skyrim” officially announced and titled “Dawnguard”


Back in March, our friends over at Bethesda were spotted trademarking the name “Dawnguard,” igniting the fuse for rumors of a possible DLC.  Now, speculation is justified as Skyrim’s first round of added content is definitely, Dawnguard.

The unveiling is, to be honest, somewhat underwhelming as Bethesda added only an image to their official blog with little context or additional information.  However, the artwork featuring Skyrim’s Nord protagonist and the game’s iconic horned helmet with the glowing eyes and sporting a quiver of arrows on his back, is quite astonishing.  The full image (shown above) came attached only with the text “Coming this summer to Xbox 360. More details at E3.

Note that the announcement only refers to the Xbox 360 version, not the PC or PS3 versions.  This is due to the exclusivity deal Bethesda signed with Microsoft and announced last year at E3 where the first two Skyrim DLC packs will arrive on the Xbox 360 first with a 30-day head start.

While the image itself is not very revealing, we can say that Dawnguard will be more than just your standard DLC.   It’s been emphasized all along by game director Todd Howard that the DLC for Skyrim would be “substantial” and more like full expansions as opposed to smaller, piecemeal additions.



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