“Portal 2” Perpetual Testing Initiative DLC trailer revealed


Portal 2 made is debut in April of 2011 and has racked up a numerous amount of Game of the Year awards around the industry. Valve has giving players a reason to return to their testing chamber once again for some puzzle solving action.  Announced yesterday, the Portal 2 ”Perpetual Testing Initiative” DLC finally brings level editor functionality, which was previewed in a PC beta last May, to the Steam Workshop platforms (specifically Mac and PC).

With announcements usually always come a trailer; and knowing Valve, it will be both humorous and informative.  Take a look below at the upcoming Portal 2 DLC trailer titled “Perpetual Testing Initiative”

Also, like most trailers, this one does night dive too deep into the in-game editor mechanics but given the success of similar level editors (most notable the breathtaking creations in LittleBigPlanet 2) it is safe to assume that the player created puzzles in Portal 2 will be just as awesome.

Unfortunately, it’s unclear at this point (if ever) console players will get access to either the level editor or, at the very least, the top-rated user creations.  Prior to the game’s release, Valve had claimed user-created content would be available on all platforms (PS3 and Xbox 360 included); however, since that time, the developer hasn’t outright confirmed or denied the “Perpetual Testing Initiative” on consoles. Although, sadly, it’s hard to imagine console cross-over work is a major priority — given that the game has now been out for over a year. That said, Valve is known for supporting games long-after release, especially titles with an active player community,   so it’s certainly possible that PS3 and Xbox 360 gamers could eventually gain access to the DLC content.


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