DC Comes Out on Top With The Flash #8, Green Lantern: New Guardians #8, and Aquaman #8


What a huge week for comics! DC releases a bunch of New 52 titles, the most notable being The Flash #8, Green Lantern: New Guardians #8, and Aquaman #8. Check out reviews for these three new releases below!


The Flash #8

Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato bring us a thrilling new chapter in the story of The Flash with the eighth captivating issue, which features a brand new villain and a cliffhanger ending that will have you drooling for more!

While searching for Iris West and her comrades in the Speed Force, The Flash comes face to face with Turbine, a World War II pilot who has been trapped there for years. Desperate to get home and driven crazy, Turbine is willing to kill The Flash, who he blames for the disruption in the Speed Force. Can our hero confront Turbine, save his friends, and come out alive?

Francis Manapul proves yet again that he is an excellent storyteller, effortlessly crafting an intriguing plot that is both exciting and unpredictable. Brian Buccellato’s fabulous art compliments the superb writing perfectly, making this issue a must read for comic fans.

This may just be the best issue yet.



Green Lantern: New Guardians #8

Easily the best Green Lantern title currently on shelves, New Guardians centers around Kyle Rayner, a Green Lantern from Earth, and his misfit band of corpsmen from the various other Lantern Corps around the galaxy. Brilliantly written by Tony Bedard and beautifully drawn by Tyler Kirkham, this is a series definitely worth picking up.

After their near fatal encounter with the archangel Invictus, Kyle Rayner and his comrades split up on different missions. Meanwhile, Arkillo, a member of the Sinestro Corps, travels to Korugar alone to discover the truth behind the fall of the Sinestro Corps. It is there that he meets a powerful ally, one who makes a pact with him that could prove disastrous.

The irresistible blend of heart-stopping action and suspense make this series one of the best titles of the New 52. Tony Bedard, a rising star in the industry, gives readers a compelling story with surprises at every turn. In addition to that, he develops the characters with unmatched skill, making us care for and root for them in any situation. Tyler Kirkham proves again that he is a superb artist, and may just be one of the best in the industry.

If you are on a budget and only want to stick with one Green Lantern title, New Guardians is your comic.


Aquaman #8

Exciting, fun, and incredibly well-plotted, Aquaman, written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Ivan Reis, is quickly becoming DC’s most talked about title. With this amazing eighth issue, we get to delve deeper into Aquaman’s past as well as get an awesome glimpse at what is to come in the next few issues.

After the unexpected arrival of an old friend, Aquaman is forced to embark on a desperate quest to stop the villainous Black Manta from murdering his old team members, collectively known as The Others.

Geoff Johns is one of the industry’s top talents, and he delivers another incredible comic book experience with Aquaman #8. It used to be that the very mention of Aquaman’s name brought with it a giggle or a bad joke, but now, thanks to the bold new direction on the character, comic fans look at him with awe and respect. The credit goes to Johns and his fantastic artist, Ivan Reis, who is the perfect person to draw the character.

Aquaman #8 is another satisfying installment in this remarkable series, and the chilling final panel will have readers salivating for the next issue.


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