Supernatural: “Of Grave Importance”


Supernatural returned this Friday with “Of Grave Importance”, a bittersweet episode full of the things Supernatural deals with best – ghosts and the emotional torture of the Winchester brothers. Sam and Dean get a call from their hunter friend Annie while she is working on a case, and the three agree to meet. Only Annie never shows up, and the brothers decide to look into the case she was working on, making some surprising discoveries along the way.

This episode is interesting and different from the others in that it shows us an insight into the specifics of a ghost’s existence. For example, it is not as easy for ghosts to learn to move things as it might seem. But of course, the most important thing about this episode is that Bobby is back, even though he is now a ghost. It was funny and sad at the same time to watch him try to make the brothers notice his presence at the beginning of the episode. “Of Grave Importance” ends on less than bright note, as Sam and Dean are now faced with a dilemma of Bobby staying a ghost in order to continue helping them.


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