“Dead Space 3” temporarily up for pre-order at a South American retailer


There are games out there that, despite the publisher being completely silent about it, are pretty much assumed to be in development.  Dead Space 3 is definitely one of them.  Although Electronic Arts has not officially announced anything, the game has gone up for pre-order at South African retailer, BT Games.

BT Games are the same guys that are taking pre-order of God of War 4, unfortunately seems to removed the pre-order page for Dead Space 3.  The original page still has some lingering information, as it is still listed as “the latest in the Dead Space franchise” and is being published by 2K games? Wait, what? That has to be a mistake.

Also, there is no price listed on the page and any attempts to pre-order the game will redirect you to a page regarding the purchase of used titles.  Trying to search for “Dead Space 3″ with the site’s search engine also brings no results.  Sounds like BT is trying to take pre-orders on a game that does not exist, or Electronic Arts has forced them to take the page down.  However, something worth noting is that the pre-order page is for Ps3, so it is possible we will see Dead Space 3 before the next generation arrives.

Dead Space 3 is said to be in development at Visceral Games, and will supposedly make us of DICE’s Frostbite 2 Engine.  At this time, the game has still not been formally announced, but there is plenty of news popping up to hint at another entry into the franchise.

Dead Space 3 is rumored to be in development, possibly for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.


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