Nintendo revealing a new “Super Mario Bros.” title and E3


There have been rumors floating around that Shigeru Miyamoto, the brains behind Nintendo, was settling down for an early retirement.  However, retirement will have to wait considering that he has been contributing to Luigi’s Mansion 2 on the 3Ds, as well as Pikmin 3 for the Wii U.  While that is probably enough to keep the developers preoccupied, Miyamoto has allegedly been hard at work on a brand new Mario game for Nintendo’s next-gen system, the Wii U.

Acccording to the Spanish newspaper, El Mundo, the legendary game maker out the Wii U version of Mario in an interview.  He claims he will be showcasing the new title at this year’s E3, and that it would utilize a television screen / Wii U controller combination to make the gameplay interesting.  Miyamoto also spoke on how he is preparing the next generation of game developers at Nintendo for his eventual retirement – as well as how he’d still like to do something new with the poorly-received Wii Music property.

Let’s be honest, a Super Mario installment on the Wii U was inevitable, so this announcement is hardly surprising.  The interesting part will be how Nintendo plans to approach the game whenever they get around to revealing it.  Will it be a classic Mario side-scroller, or anothe r3D adventure similar to Super Mario 64?  Regardless of the type of game it will be, E3 can’t come quickly enough.


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  • Isn’t Super Smash Bros. going to be the first big game to come out on WiiU?

    • Speedsk8

      they just started development on that this february. we won’t see it for a few years at least. Nintendo doesn’t seem to have any first party games ready for launch at the moment.

    • Zach

      I wish but that is coming out in (my guess) late 2013.  They havent even formally announced it yet, just that they were going to start working on it and that it will be on both wii u and 3ds and somehow be connected to one another