“Assassin’s Creed 3” shows off its winter wonderland with new screenshots


Previous Assassin’s Creed III concept art and screenshots have how how our new Native American protagonist, Connor, would use this terrain to his advantage in the forest.  The latest bundle of screenshots does not change that either, but it does show a beautiful picture of how forest navigation and wild animal hunting may work.  As Connor walks silently towards a doe, perches up on a tree limb, and dangles off the face of a rock, the possibilities of where the game’s environment will be taking us is definitely intriguing. Trading pelts a vital part of world economy maybe?

Check out a few more screenshots below (click to enlarge):




However, it is still unclear whether Connor is actually hunting the deer or not, but if he is, it definitely is appropriate that he is wielding a tomahawk as opposed to a musket or flintlock pistol.  Let’s face it, pumping a carcass full of musket balls would greatly devalue the pelt when it is brought into town for trade.

If you remember the cinematic AC III reveal trailer, you will also remember Connor leaping and sprinting from tree limb to tree limb as the camera swept around him.  With the screenshots showing trunks with a number of outhanging branches and protruding notches it would be plausible.  However, final gameplay has not been revealed yet so all we can do is guess at this point.


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