“Borderlands 2” first DLC character revealed – the Mechromancer


PAX East this year proved that Borderlands 2 is on the top of the of most anticipated games of 2012.  Although we already have a good majority of the game’s changes and character customization detals, Gearbox Software is still providing surprises.  During the company’s panel, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford unveiled the brand new Mechromancer class.  The new character is still in its early stages, so it will be debuting as the first DLC 60-90 days after release.

The term ‘DLC’ usually is a sore subject when it comes to gamers, especially when it is an entire new ‘character class’.  However, this is a different case entirely.  Pitchford was completely open during the panel and noted that the Mechromancer is still in the early, early stages of development.  The ideas are on the table about what they are going to do with the character class, but nowhere near enough time to complete it before the game is scheduled to launch.

That being said, the character will be focused on wholeheartedly when Borderlands 2 moves into certification and the team can direct its resources properly.  So far we only have concept artwork, depicting the Mechromancer as a ‘steampunk girl’ whose abilities go beyond her own physical strength. Alongside the character herself, a small murder-bot dubbed ‘Deathtrap’ (which she controls) made an apperance. The character will be free to anyone who pre-orders the game.


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