Supernatural: “Party On, Garth”


Spoilers ahead

Night. Forest. A group of young people telling scary ghost stories around a campfire. A mysterious “animal attack”. Sounds familiar? Last week’s episode, “Party On, Garth”, only follows the good old formula for a short while, before going into something supernaturally weird.

Garth (who first appeared in “Time For A Wedding”) calls the Winchesters for help on a case. What at first looks like a monster attack in the woods, turns out to be a doing of a Japanese spirit Shojo that usually haunts breweries. Unfortunately, Shojo can only be seen when you are drunk, which promises many weirdly funny situations.

This episode was a bit of a relief after the previous one with all the drunk hunting hilarity. It was also nice to take a bit of a break from the main leviathan arc. However, the ending was anything but funny as it was revealed that Bobby did indeed become a ghost. Even though there were clues pointing to this in the previous episodes and it wasn’t entirely unexpected, it still allows for a possibility of interesting developments in the future.


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