It was an Avenging Week with Avengers vs X-Men #0 and Avengers #24.1


Avengers 24.1


Issue 24.1 of the Avengers and the Avengers vs. X-Men #0 issue go hand in hand. I belatedly realized that I read them backwards, therefore let me recommend reading 24.1 first. And also just let me recommend reading them both because they are fantastic.

As you probably know due to tons of hype, Scarlett Witch is back. Understandably this is stirring up a lot of different emotions in a lot of different people. But Wanda isn’t the only character recently returned from the void. Another Avenger – one tightly bound to her own storyline – has also returned. Her husband, Vision. The poor man has to step back into a world that has never really accepted him in the first place only to find that everything he knew has changed and it was all because of his wife. Even more so, though, it was because of his wife that he died.

This information was a lot Vision to take in. He looks for answers from Tony Stark and from She-Hulk. The interaction between him and She-Hulk is particularly necessary. She was the one to kill him (due to Wanda’s crazy manipulation).

This is one of those rare issues that isn’t just all about the booms and the pows. This issue really gets into the emotional repercussions of Wanda’s actions. (Ironic because it is an issue about Vision.)

With this massive overload of information and emotion roiling inside of him, Vision becomes a bit unhinged. He decides to go to the source of the problem. The man who he believes drove Wanda to her mental instability.


Now, logically speaking, it’s a bad thing for an android-like creature with metal parts to challenge the Master of Magnetism. But in the heat of the moment, Vision becomes an impressive adversary, taking Magneto by surprise. The men argue intensely. Fingers are pointed. Battle ensues.

All I can say is this issue is great. I love character-centric storylines and this really brings the characters to the table in a three dimensional way.

Additionally, this point one issue really is a great jumping on marker for those who have been on hiatus from the series but want to come in for this next event. The new plotline will start in issue #25. So this is the time to get on board.


Avengers Vs. X-Men #0


It’s here! Sorta. The #0 issue of the much anticipated Avengers vs. X-men event came out this Wednesday. The book was divided into two sections – one setting up the Avengers side of the plotline and one to set up the X-Men side. The X-men side we’ve already seen a good bit of thanks to the preview that was included at the back of several other series’ issues a few weeks ago. The part that interested me was the Avengers side of the story.

While Avengers 24.1 focused on Vision and other Avenger reactions to the change in the wind, this issue focused on the Scarlet Witch herself. Her own return is an emotional mine field for her. She wants to be a hero again, but she knows her previous actions are unforgivable and now she questions her ability to be what she once was.

At first things seem to be looking up. She’s handling the bad guys well, though with a bit of help from Miss Marvel and Spider-Woman. Miss Marvel is ecstatic to see her old coworker back in action. She even convinces her to go back to the Avenger’s mansion.

Bad idea.

This is where Wanda and Vision finally come face to face. He’s had a little time to stew since the issue above . I won’t try to sum up their conversation. Just … ouch.

The story then goes into the X-Men side of the dispute. Hope is doing her usual rebellious thing, while Cyclops is doing his usual “I’m going to try awkwardly rationalizing with you.” Needless to say, the argument blows up and Hope storms off … with a jet pack.

She has a burning need in her to figure out why she is so “special”. Additionally, if she is going to be looked at as a messiah, Hope feels that she needs to act like it and start being a real hero. So with a burning passion and anger inside of her she goes looking for trouble, but she does it in a bit of an overly violent and bloody way.

All this Hope-centric drama is really just leading to one thing. The Phoenix. It’s is coming. It’s connected to her. Now we just got to wait to see how.


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