Supernatural: “The Born-Again Identity”


Spoilers Ahead

Last Friday, one of the most burning questions of season 7 was finally resolved in “The Born-Again Identity”, as we learned what really happened to Castiel and if he did die or not. Another familiar character made an unexpected appearance as well, providing a nice continuity.

Sam is completely unable to control his hallucinations any longer, he looses his sleep as Lucifer constantly plays tricks on his mind. When Sam is hit by a car and admitted to a hospital, his condition only escalates, with Lucifer finding new and more elaborate ways to torture his mind. In an attempt to help Sam, Dean goes through the list of Bobby’s contacts until one of the hunters finally calls him back and tells him about a healer, Emanuel. A big surprise is waiting for Dean when goes to seek Emanuel’s help.

It was certainly great to see Misha Collins return as Castiel, even though the episode’s ending leaves him in an uncertain place. Meg’s appearance was a surprise, but not really an unpleasant one. Overall, the episode didn’t disappoint (after all, there were angels, demons and a ghost), but it remains unclear if Castiel will return in future episodes.


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