New promotional stills from The Avengers show characters in unique outfits and settings


The Avengers is sneaking up on us! The action hero-packed Marvel film is set to hit theaters this May, which means publicity is starting to ramp up. A new set of stills for the film have been released individually showcasing the incredible costume design of all of the film’s heroes and villains, including Captain America, Thor, Loki, Nick Fury, Natasha Romanoff, Hawkeye, Tony Stark, and Bruce Banner.

Many of the new photos in this set are reminiscent of photos we’ve seen in early still releases as well as during trailers and TV spots. Still, several of the photos are interesting, including the shot of Natasha Romanoff in a non-S.H.I.E.L.D. outfit and Captain America posing against a back drop of thick smoke following a downtown explosion.

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The Avengers is set to hit theaters in May!


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