Check out Men in Black 3’s retro alien designs in new behind-the-scenes photos


Those of us following the production happenings of the upcoming Men in Black sequel are well familiar with the time-traveling aspect of the third film in the popular comic-to-movie franchise. We’ve gathered from production photos that the MIB team will be traveling back to the 60s, encountering some incredibly retro aliens along the way. And now, thanks to officially released production photos, we have our first look at the get-ups of these “retro” 60s-style aliens.

The aliens and their costumes were imagined by the Oscar-winning Rick Baker, who has done work on films such as Hellboy and Planet of the Apes. Baker is pictured alongside many of his creations in the photos below. With aliens ranging from head-fusing sungoggles (riding alien-inspired motorcycles, no less) and bell-bottomed UFOs, it’s clear that Baker had a blast with the movie’s theme!

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Men in Black 3 is set to hit theaters on May 25th.

[Images via Screen Rant]


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