Three all new Hunger Games clips to feast your eyes on prior to tonight’s midnight release!


The Hunger Games’ most recent promotional website, — a virtual tour through various film locations in the movie’s Capitol — has proven to be even more interesting after fans discovered hidden “Easter eggs” in the game, each of which revealed previously-unseen clips from the film!

The three clips vary in content and offer glimpses at familiar characters and new scenes. We have all three below, including brief descriptions for each!

Clip One: The Reaping!

This clip shows the tributes from District 12 being chosen.

Click here to watch.

Clip Two: Katniss and Peeta

This clip shows Katniss and Peeta having an intimate discussion about not being pawns of the Capitol.

Click here to watch.

Clip Three: President Snow

President snow addresses the assembled tributes and a large crowd of onlookers prior to the start of the Hunger Games.
Click here to watch.

You can view a previous set of five Hunger Games clips, posted recently, also on Lytherus!

Additionally, we’ve put together a collection of top critic reviews for the film to help you mentally prepare yourself as you’re heading in to those midnight screenings tonight! Spoiler alert: the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Check them out!


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