Following Michael Bay’s comments, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator chimes in on controversy


We’ve posted twice now documenting the internet drama behind Michael Bay’s controversial treatment of sacred Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles core origins plot, and his even more controversial response. Since these posts went live, several individuals tied to the franchise in the past (voice actors, for the most part) have surfaced on both sides of the issue.

However, one of the most vocal supporters for Bay’s proposed change has come from an unexpected source: TMNT co-creator Peter Laird!

Laird took to his blog to defend Bay and the screenwriter’s decision in an entry titled “A few musings on ‘Turtles as aliens'”, stating:

I have had several requests from TMNT fans during this past week to comment on the idea of the Turtles being “reimagined” as aliens for the upcoming TMNT movie to be produced by Michael Bay. A few people — who don’t seem to understand that I am no longer in control of the property — want me to stop this, somehow. Obviously, I can’t do that, even if I wanted to.

But I would actually encourage TMNT fans to swallow the “chill pill” Mr. Bay recently suggested they take, and wait and see what might come out of this seemingly ill-conceived plan. It’s possible that with enough truly creative brainpower applied to this idea, it might actually work. I’m not saying it’s probable, or even somewhat likely… but it IS possible.

However, as I have pondered this further, I have realized that in one way it IS truly a genius notion. Let me explain…

Over the years, I have made no secret of my distaste for what I consider to be the weak, facile, creatively bankrupt idea which can be summed up like this:

If FOUR Ninja Turtles are good, then FIVE (or more) Ninja Turtles MUST be better!

It was in large part this brain-dead notion that led to the creation of the execrable “Venus de Milo” character in the blessedly short-lived live action TV series  “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation”. And I can’t tell you how many times we got mail in the early years of the Turtles from people who thought it was simply an amazing idea to do a “fifth Turtle”, and how many times those same people suggested that this fifth Turtle be named “Picasso”. And many times, the brilliant idea to explain this extra Turtle was that, instead of there being just four pet shop turtles in that glass bowl in the origin story, there were really FIVE.


I’ll admit — I have played with the idea of more Turtles myself, a few times. There was the character of “Kirby”, the “fifth Turtle” that Kevin Eastman and I came up with for one of the several movie ideas which never came to fruition. And I created the “Super Turtles” in Volume 4 of the TMNT comics published by Mirage… and they eventually appeared in one episode of the 4Kids animated TMNT TV series.

The writer’s thoughts continue, which you can read in full on his blog, but the core message is quite visible: give Bay and the team behind the TMNT reboot a chance.

The big question is: are you buying it?


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  • They have remade the TMNT several times.  All the plots are the same, just the battles with the enemies are different. 

  • To an extent, I agree. We shouldn’t judge before we see. It’s not even judging a book from it’s cover, it’s just judging something based off memories. For all we know, this movie could be an amazing movie. I’m sure that Mr. Bay will put some of his signature magic in the movie. 

    It’ll be the two inevitable sequels we’ll have to watch out for.

  • Yeaaaahhhh, I’m still skeptical

  • guest

    My only concern with anything that Michael Bay touches: What is he going to blow up now???

  • Stoney

    I find it hilarious that on both other posts on this matter have been met with pure hatred. But now that a creator has given his support, everyone is like”ok then lets give him a chance” its ridiculous. 

  • One argument I heard in favor of them beign aliens is that its going to suck no matter what because michael bay is directing it so the less like the old ninja turtles it is the easier it will be to forget 😛