Supernatural: “Out With The Old”


Supernatural returned last Friday with “Out With The Old”, which had a mix of gruesome and hilarious in it, a development in the leviathan arc, and a cliffhanger to top it all off. All I can say is, who would have thought that Dean likes Black Swan?

The episode starts innocently enough – with a ballerina rehearsing to “Swan Lake”. Only, the practice ends deadly and the ballet shoes seem to be the primary suspects. As Sam and Dean start investigating, it soon becomes obvious that they are dealing with cursed objects. It’s not just the shoes, however, there are several other items that were all sold from the same store. Meanwhile, leviathans are clearly working on something big in the same town – but their goals are not what you might expect.

While there were plenty of interesting moments and a disturbing cliffhanger, the episode was considerably weaker than its predecessor. As for the unexpected twist with the leviathans, right now, it feels somewhat forced, but we will have to wait and see on that one.


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