“Minecraft” Creator Notch is Bringing His New Adventures into Space!


The ever-so-popular video game developer Markus “Notch” Persson, the genius behind Minecraft, has gone on record stating that he would like to create a space-game for his next production.

The announcment originated from a live television interview with BBC news.  Near the end, Notch was asked ‘where he was going next,’ to which he responded:

“I think I’m going to make a space game, where you’re a guy on a spaceship and you have adventures in space.”

Can we really think he is making a space based game from a response like that?

Well, not from that exact statement, but he followed up on Twitter last week, again only referring to it as the “space game.” It seems that this project, more than the other two has captured his attention and motivation. 

“I fell asleep 9pm, woke up noon. I feel refreshed now, and I found a lot of inspiration for the space game thing. It will have computers!” – March 13.

“Screw it, I know I’m working on two projects already, but I’ll start prototyping the space game now.” – March 18

You can check out the entire interview on YouTube here, though the quality of the video is pretty choppy. Notch was on the news show to talk about his BAFTA Award, and acted in a very casual manner in regard to announcing his new plans. To be fair, he had already said three new games would be announced in 2012, so we can mark one of them off the calendar.




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