WonderCon 2012 Lytherus Exclusive: A Few Quick Words With Terry Delegeane, Managing Editor of Bongo Comics!


I stopped by the Bongo Booth in the Exhibit Hall at WonderCon 2012, and started talking to one of the people behind the table. I asked him what his position at Bongo was, and I found out that he is Terry Delegeane, the Managing Editor. Getting excited, I asked him a few questions about Bongo, and I learned quite a bit about this ambitious company.

Q: What’s up with the new look of the books and the thicker paper used to print them?

A: We wanted to get rid of ads to make room for more story. And the new paper is more durable. I really like the new look.

Q: How are the Spongebob Comics?

A: You know, when Stephen Hillenburg approached us with the idea, we were afraid it would only appeal to a very limited audience. But the series has found its ground, and  we are pleased that it has appealed to a broad audience. You should check it out.

Q: Will do! How is it working with Sergio Aragones?

A: It’s incredible! Unfortunately, we are kind of on hiatus with him. He’s been very sick recently, so we are giving him time to recover. He was supposed to be here, but couldn’t make it.

Q: Sorry to hear that. Well, thanks for your time! I’m looking forward to reading what you guys have planned for us!

A: Anytime! Nice to meet you, Hayden!


Thank you for putting aside a few minutes to chat with me, Mr. Delegeane! If you all haven’t read anything from Bongo, I highly recommend picking up one of their titles!



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