Norman Reedus Hints at Bloodshed, Characters Dying, and Season 3 New Characters for The Walking Dead!


There are only a few episodes left in Season 2 of The Walking Dead, and if you are watching, you know things are heating up. Now, with more characters deaths being hinted and casting announcements released for the Governor, more news has been hinted at by none other than Daryl Dixon himself, Norman Reedus.

During an interview with Huffington Post, Reedus made assurances that the final episodes will be action packed. He is quoted as saying: “The next three episodes, it’s all fireworks … from here on out, it’s just all bloodshed and massacres and it’s nuts.”  After watching the last couple of episodes, imagining an increase in the action and violence is hard to imagine, but it will make an amazing close to this season.

During the interview, Reedus let slip that he has been in talks with the show’s producers about the next season, so it sounds like Daryl will not be one of the victims of the last episodes of Season 2. So, our favorite buttkicking, tough as nails survivor will be returning!

In the interview, Reedus discusses Daryl’s use of a hand gun versus his habitual crossbow, the Governor, and the arrival of a new character, Michonne. Fans of the graphic novel will remember her as the tough, sexy female who they have been begging to see on the big screen every since the first episode was aired. Reedus also talks about who he would cast in this role.

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