Official “Halo 4” Gameplay Video – The Triumphant Return of the Battle Rifle!


The video confirms some long-standing Halo 4 rumors and speculation.  The game will dive deeper into Master Chief’s humanity, not just a cypher for the player, as well as feature a new imposing threat. 343 is actually pretty forthcoming about what players can expect from the upcoming title — and even shows-off a lot of in-game (albeit unpolished) footage.

Check out the Halo 4 Spring Showcase ViDoc below for a sneak peek at the high-profile game in action:

The video also focuses on how 343 Industries is attempting to push the Halo legacy forward and also be able to compete in the modern shooter market – while staying grounded in the series and fan-favorite gameplay formula.

Similarly, while multiplayer has always been a key factor in the Halo series, it’s clear that 343 is focused on re-establishing the non-single player elements as one of the premier  online experiences available on a console. No doubt Halo: Reach enjoyed a lot of praise for improvements to the multiplayer portions; however, for many, the offering’s “depth” came up a bit short when compared to more robust packages, such as the Call of Duty franchise, which detracted from the experience’s long-term appeal.

With all that being said, it will be interesting to see how 343 and Microsoft will find that middle ground for returning players and also attracting new players to the series – all while fighting enduring fan concerns that, without Bungie, Halo (as we know it) is essentially over.


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