This Week In Trailers: “The Hunger Games”, “Prometheus” And More!


The 23rd of March is fast-approaching and we are getting more The Hunger Games promos than ever! Check out the very first clip from the movie where Katniss shows off her skills before the Gamemakers. One thing is for sure – Katniss definitely knows how to command attention.

There is also a new TV spot, focusing on the life in District 12 and set to Taylor Swift’s “Safe and Sound”. There are plenty of new snippets showing what the life in the district is like. The familiar scenes from the reaping are here as well, but they seem even more emotional with “Safe and Sound” as the soundtrack.

An interesting piece of promotion for Ridley Scott’s much anticipated Prometheus was released this week – and it’s something not to miss. In this viral video, made as a lecture, Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce), the CEO of Weyland Corporation, recounts the myth of Prometheus and gives an overview of the history of human inventions and how everything has been leading up to the moment when humans can create cyborgs, not too different from people. Prometheus comes out on June 8th.

The new trailer for The Avengers (coming out on May 4th) is definitely a must-see!

Also check out the new trailer for Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie, set to release on October 5th.


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