‘Mass Effect 3’ Launch Trailer Will Blow Your Mind – I’m Not Even Kidding


We are so close to the day where we must stand together and take back our planet.  Next Tuesday, March 6th, the Reapers will begin in invade when Mass Effect 3 finally hits retail stores.  Rarley does a video game story resonate with fans so strongly.  The team at BioWare have created an experience with the Mass Effect series that has earned its spot at the very top of the most anticipated game of the year (twice, thanks to a delay).

 The last few weeks saw the live-action ‘Fight’ trailer, and the full extended version of the ‘Take Back Earth’ trailer. Today, it’s come time for BioWare and EA to share the official Mass Effect 3 launch trailer.

There is no doubt that this trailer is exciting, powerful and emotional.  It is slightly difficult to recommend you watch it right now, only because it is almost better not to know and savor the experience for when you pick up the game next week. That being said, it is absolutely incredible, so make your choice:


The trailer does show a lot, most notably a variety of scenes which depict what may be the final confrontation at the end of the game and several key battles and character moments.

Mass Effect 3 releases March 6, 2012 (finally!) for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.


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