Justice League: Doom Is A Worthy Addition to DC’s Pantheon of Animated Films


The latest DC Animated feature, Justice League: Doom, features top-notch voice acting, beautiful animation, and a script that works well with the film’s short running time. Out of DC’s many animated films over the years, this latest adventure proves to be one of the best.

The immortal Vandal Savage has assembled some of the world’s deadliest super villains to destroy the Justice League. Each of these super villains has a grudge against members of the team, and plans to use cruel methods to torture them. Savage hopes to wipe out the current civilization and start a new one, and it is up to the Justice League to make sure that doesn’t happen!

The film looks great. The animation here is some of the best we’ve seen from a DC Animated film, and effectively captures the spirit and style of the comic books. The action scenes offer plenty of thrills and excitement, which should please casual viewers.

The voice acting adds to the film rather than hampers it, which will relieve viewers who thought that last year’s Batman: Year One was lacking in the voice acting department. Kevin Conroy shines as Batman, and simply hearing his voice will cause many viewers to fondly recall hearing it in Batman: The Animated Series back in the 1990s. Tim Daly delivers a strong performance as well, capturing the essence of the Superman we know and love from the comic books. Nathan Fillion voices Hal Jordan/Green Lantern, and does a fine job at it. The rest of the cast does an incredible job bringing these beloved characters to life, and I hope they keep the main cast for the next animated Justice League adventure.

What really hurts the film is its running time, which clocks in at a scant 77 minutes. As a result, this leaves little room for plot and character development. Most of the film is just fight scene after fight scene, with plot points casually thrown in to convince viewers that  a good story is being told. The action scenes are great and add tons of excitement, but there needs to be a balance. However, the script fits the running time well, so nothing feels missing.

While the story could have been stronger, Justice League:Doom is an immensely satisfying addition to DC’s many animated films, and will leave viewers wanting more.

3.5 out of 5 stars



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