Comic Review: Justice League #6 and Batman Beyond Unlimited #1 Are Both Incredible Reads


This week, the week of February 29th, is a HUGE week for DC, with the launch of Batman Beyond Unlimited #1 and the highly anticipated sixth issue in Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s Justice League series. Check out reviews for both below!


Justice League #6

The first story arc in the New 52 Justice League series comes to an explosive conclusion in this spectacular sixth issue. We couldn’t have asked for a better way to end the first arc. Geoff Johns and Jim Lee go above and beyond in delivering a riveting, visually stunning, and just plain fun comic book that will leave readers in awe.

At long last, the Justice League squares off against the mighty Darkseid in a battle that will determine Earth’s fate! Cyborg, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and Flash struggle to take down the mighty alien while Batman embarks on a desperate search for Superman. It is on this search that he discovers Darkseid’s true purpose on Earth. Can Batman find and free Superman in time to help the rest of the Justice League defeat this alien threat?

What a great way to end the first story arc! Powerful, gripping, and fun from cover to cover,  this issue will be a hit with anyone who appreciates good writing and exceptional storytelling.

Readers will be anxiously awaiting the next installment in this truly phenomenal series.


Batman Beyond Unlimited #1 

The first  in a brand new Beyond series, Batman Beyond Unlimited #1 offers a more fun, light-hearted Batman in the form of Terry McGinnis, an energetic teen who might remind readers of Peter Parker. If you’ve been looking for a fun spin on the Batman legacy, this comic is for you.

Terry McGinnis finds himself squaring off against a gang of Joker impersonators. They come from out of Gotham City and are deadly fighters, but the real danger lies in the sinister plans they have. Can this young new Batman save the day, or will this new threat be too much for him?

This issue is beautifully drawn, with great writing to go along with it. The dialogue is smart and fun, and many readers will find the drastic change in mood to be a refreshing alternative to the grittiness of traditional Batman stories.

In short, this comic is definitely worth picking up.



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