‘Jet Set Radio’ Grinds Onto XBLA and PSN this Summer!


Just one week after the word got out that Seaman, the bizzare man-fish pet-sim/converstation game, is being revived for the Nintendo 3DS comes news of the next Dreamcast classic on its way to downloadable platforms.  It has been rumored for a very long time and teased in a trailer just last week, but Jet Set Radio will make its triumphant return this Summer on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC.

Believe it or not, when Jet Set Radio first landed on Dreamcast, it was the year 2000.  Its cell-shaded graphics were completetly fresh and a genuine revelation.  Impossibly bright, crisp and stylish, Jet Set Radio (Jet Grind Radio in North America) looked more like an animation than an actual video game.

But it was not just the forward looking (and soon to be endlessly copied) visual style that made Jet Set Radio stand out. The game had an amazing, electric, up-to-the-minute soundtrack that proved to be nearly as influential as its visuals.  The audios in SSX, for example, certainly owes a debt of gratitude to Jet Set Radio.de to Jet Set Radio.

You can hear a bit of the game’s audio legacy in the teaser trailer released last week.

For the unlucky ones who never got to experience Jet Set Radio (or its Xbox sequel, Jet Set Radio Future) the first time around, the game takes elements of stunt-based extreme sports titles, adds an emphasis on platforming, and tops the whole thing with a cool graffiti tagging mechanic – which is how protagonists Beat, Gum and the rest of the GGs take over Tokyo and shut down the “overbearing, corporate-controlled polive force) that controls it.

Take a look at some images from the upcoming re-release that show just how good Jet Set Radio looks in wide-screen high-def.

In honor of the game’s celebration of graffiti art, Sega is sponsoring a contest for US and UK fans, giving them a chance to design new tags that will appear in the game. From the Jet Set Radio Graffiti Art Contest website:

“This is your chance to become a part of videogame history! We’re looking for 18 winning pieces of graffiti to add to the game. So break out your favorite graphics program, flex that artistic muscle of yours, and take a shot at winning this fabulous Jet Set Radio prize pack – including two digital copies of the game for either the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system or the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, a Jet Set Radio branded hoodie, a Jet Set Radio branded beverage shaker, and the Etón Rukus Solar – Portable Blue Tooth Sound System with Solar Panel!”

Good Luck!

Jet Set Radio releases this Summer on XBLA, PSN, and PC


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