Throwback Review: Say Hello to Your Local Librarian: Chainsaw Sally


 Sally (April Monique Burril) is a mild-mannered librarian by day, but when the sun goes down, she acts out her gruesome fantasies of revenge for the brutal slayings of her parents years before. And when a shady land developer shows up wanting to buy Sally’s childhood home, he becomes the next target of Sally’s gory chainsaw rage. Written and directed by Jimmyo Burril, this delightful splatter fest also features Alec Joseph and David R. Calhoun. (Summary seen on

During my years of being a horror movie fanatic, I have watched a huge variety of films. From high budget, Hollywood blockbusters to $2000 dollar movies shot in someone’s garage, I’ve tried them all. To me, it doesn’t matter how much it cost to make a movie. That means as much to me as it does who is starring in the movie. All I’m looking for is quality. Make it an actual horror movie or something that I can have a chuckle at, and I will be entertained.

Chainsaw Sally entertained me. Between the gore, sleaze, and general mayhem, this film provides a viewer with a highly enjoyable ride.  This movie is on its way to becoming a cult classic. April Monique Burril does an amazing job in her role as an innocent yet sexy librarian who moonlights as a chainsaw swinging psychopath. What makes it even more entertaining is that I ended up rooting for Sally during the majority of the movie! Sally is a completely depraved, twisted character who is killing anyone who gets in her way of protecting her home. While April is acting like a bloodthirsty fiend, she is also creating a character who is so likeable that you don’t mind that she’s slicing and dicing.

To throw in some Texas Chainsaw Massacre references, Sally does the Leatherface Dance with the Chainsaw scene that was at the very end of TCM. Also, Gunnar Hansen starred in this film as young Sally’s father. Gunnar Hansen played the role of Leatherface in the original TCM.

There isn’t much new about the origin plot for the movie. Young sister and brother are traumatized by escaped mental patients. The sister grows up to be a slasher. The brother turns into a cross dressing, peeping Tom like character who loves his sister’s bloodlust. Just your average, middle class American family.

Director Jimmyo Burril, husband of April Monique Burril, puts together a gore soaked, flesh shredding, and highly entertaining film. While there are some minor issues with acting, overall this movie is highly enjoyable. Horror fans will get a kick out of the bloodshed, depravity, and Chainsaw Sally herself. Viewers who love dark comedies might also be entertained.

Currently, the Burrils are producing The Chainsaw Sally Show Season 2, which documents the continuing exploits of our psychotic yet attractive lead actress and her continuing rampage against all those who act out in the library, enroach upon her home, or just annoy her in any general way. The Chainsaw Sally Show Season 2 can be viewed on the shows website: New shows are posted every Tuesday, and they are only charging $1.99 per episode!

Look below for the trailer for Chainsaw Sally. If you like what you see, please go and watch Season 2!



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