Comic Review: Fantastic Four #603, The Flash #6, and Batman: The Dark Knight #6


This week in comics, readers  get to see Galactus face off against the Celestials, Flash fight the powerful Captain Cold, and Batman battle super villains Bane and Scarecrow. As you can see, this week holds many exciting comic book moments. Don’t miss out! If you have already read this week’s hottest titles or you want ideas on what to read, check out reviews for Fantastic Four #603, The Flash #6, and Batman: The Dark Knight #6 below!


Fantastic Four #603

Jonathan Hickman and Barry Kitson deliver yet another thrilling read with this latest issue in the Fantastic Four series. It’s the penultimate chapter in the “Forever” story arc, and the action and surprises don’t let up! If you’ve been following the series so far, this issue will blow your mind.

Galactus arrived last issue to protect the Fantastic Four from the Celestials, intergalactic beings with incredible powers. But the destroyer of worlds is no match for these beings, and it quickly becomes clear Galactus is done for. The Fantastic Four has to meet up with the Future Foundation and activate a weapon that may be their only chance at defeating the mighty Celestials.

Hickman once again provides readers with a gripping story they won’t want to put down. Kitson’s art is the perfect compliment to Hickman’s writing, and those reading this comic solely for this winning combination will not be disappointed.

This exhilarating issue will leave readers salivating for more.


The Flash #6

The sixth issue in The Flash’s New 52 series is another winner, and Francis Manapul’s writing and artwork will hook you until the final page. 

Captain Cold is back in what will be his first confrontation with The Flash since last year’s relaunch. But this time it’s personal, and the ruthless villain will stop at nothing to ensure that the Flash is nothing more than a broken corpse at his feet. Can The Flash protect himself and everyone he loves from one of his most formidable adversaries?

This series just keeps getting better and better. Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato clearly have great things in store for us, and this issue will leave readers anxiously awaiting the release of the next issue. The artwork and writing continue to be top notch, and if that doesn’t get you to stick with this series, I don’t know what will.

By far one of the best New 52 titles, The Flash is a series definitely worth reading if you haven’t already.




Batman: The Dark Knight #6

Dark, suspenseful, and thoroughly entertaining, Batman: The Dark Knight #6 is one of the best Batman titles currently on stands. David Finch and Paul Jenkins have crafted a truly remarkable story that will no doubt stick with readers long after they turn the final page. 

Batman has finally figured out who is behind the creation of the toxin that is striking fear into the citizens of Gotham City. But before he knows it, he is fighting for his life against the brute who had once paralyzed him. The fate of Gotham City depends on how well Batman fares against one of his greatest enemies.

The writing and art continue to be phenomenal. The dialogue is engaging and fun, and readers will appreciate how carefully plotted this story is. It appears that Finch and Jenkins have more surprises up their sleeves, so now would not be a good time to put down this series. Even if this story arc wasn’t hurtling toward a thrilling conclusion, would you really want to put down a story this brilliantly executed and fun to read?

Batman fanatics and avid comic book readers will gobble up this issue in a heartbeat.



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