Mass Effect 3’s Newest Trailer Titled “Take Earth Back” Released!


Last Sunday, the full cinematic version of the newest Mass Effect 3 trailer titled “Take Earth Back” aired on AMC’s The Walking Dead.  Fans everywhere tuned in and as expected, were not disappointed.

Check out the trailer here:

The trailer does not give us any new information, but does provide an epic look at Commander Shepard giving a final ass kicking with the Alliance Fleet at his side.  We don’t see any other races coming to the aid of Shepard and his war party, but presumably, that’s because it’s up to you whether or not humanity stands alone.

The Normandy is raining down air support from above and we get to see Shepard up close and personal with some hand to hand combat.  We also get a pretty awesome look at the omni-tool knife that Shepard utilizes against his foes.

We are so close to the actual launch of presumably the most anticipated game of the year (and probably one more launch trailer as well).  If you just can’t wait that long, you could always download the demo to keep you busy.


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