Supernatural: “Repo Man”


Supernatural is back to angst  – this time, of a demonic variety – in the newest episode, “Repo Man”. A certain fallen angel also makes a reappearance, something definitely worth looking forward to.

Sam and Dean are revisiting a case they dealt with 4 years ago, when they exorcised a demon who was possessing a postal worker, Jeffrey, and using him to kill women. Meanwhile, Sam starts seeing Lucifer again, and this time, his hallucinations are more persistent than ever.

First of all, seeing Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer is always a treat. In this episode he was particularly unnerving, though some of his scenes were weirdly comical. Aside from Sam trying hard to ignore Lucifer trying to get his attention, the episode has plenty of demonic action with an interesting flashback to the 4 years ago. “Repo Man” leaves off on an uncertain note, as Lucifer doesn’t seem so much of a hallucination anymore.

Supernatural returns on March 9th.


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