The Gates are Open to The Devil’s Carnival


I opened my email this morning and saw an email from Terrance Zdunich stating that the gates of the The Devil’s Carnival are open! The website for The Devil’s Carnival is finally fully operational! Go to and check out original artwork, some of the soundtrack, and other great things!

Following is the email that I received:

The Carnival’s Open, With Renovations!

 Now that Valentine’s Day’s passed, I invite you to trade in your harp and arrow for a pitchfork and slide trombone.  Step right up to the hottest theme park south of heaven, THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL! 

REPO! The Genetic Opera’s director, Darren Lynn Bousman, and I have reunited to bring you an edgy, new musical series about an amusement park run by the dark lord himself.  In THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL, Lucifer and his singing cast of colorful carnies welcome lost souls to try their luck at redemption.  Any takers?


 Check out our official website to watch a wicked new trailer, listen to some damnable ditties, and stroll the midway with us side show sinners:


 Enjoy the site updates, and thank you for your continued friendship and support!

Terrance Zdunich
(your friendly neighborhood GraveRobber)


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