Casting Updates to The Devil’s Carnival


 Shooting of The Devil’s Carnival has ended and some new casting announcements have been released. Here is an updated list of the cast and their roles:

  • Alexa Vega – Wick, Mistress of the Maidens of Woe
  • The Clown (aka Shawn Crahan – Slipknot) – The Tamer
  • J. Larose – The Major
  • Ivan Moody  (Five Finger Death Punch) – The Hobo Clown
  • Marc Senter – The Scorpion
  • Bill Moseley – The Magician
  • Emilie Autumn – The Painted Doll 
  • Paul Sorvino
  • Paris Hilton
  • Nivek Ogre (Skinny Puppy)
  • Briana Evigan
  • Sean Patrick Flanery
  • Terrance Zdunich

The Devil’s Carnival is a 45 minute musical directed by Darren Lynn Bousman. In an interview with Shawn Crahan, The Clown mentioned that he had been cast in a part for Episode 1 of The Devil’s Carnival. If you are a fan of Repo: The Genetic Opera like I am, you should be hoping that this will be  a series of short films.

Inside Horror interviewed Bousman about the film. You can check out this interview here: 

With the addition of some serious metal singers, there should be some very interesting music in this film. With the likes of Ivan L. Moody, Nivek Ogre, and The Clown, the viewers should be in for a treat.

Check out the picture gallery below for casting art and some pics of the metal performers:

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