Comic Review: Batman #6 and DC Universe Online Legends #23 Both Fun, Engaging Reads


This week in comics, we see Batman finally take a stand against the Court of Owls in Batman #6, as well as Brainiac put up a fight against Lex Luthor and the Justice League in DC Universe Online Legends #23. Check out reviews for both comics below!


Batman #6

For the past few issues, we have seen Batman get pummeled by the Talon, the fierce assassin working for the Court of Owls. Now, Batman finally fights back in an issue you won’t want to put down.

Trapped beneath Gotham City, Batman is subjected to torture of the most heinous sort, and it is a miracle he has managed to come this far. Now, after being horribly wounded by the Talon, he finds himself at the mercy of the Court of Owls. Will he be able to fight off the Court and save himself?

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo have truly outdone themselves. The writing continues to be top-notch, while Greg Capullo’s unique style fits the dark tone of the story. Honestly, these two have delivered one of the most engaging Batman stories in years.

What will happen next? What does the Court have planned for Batman and Gotham City? These are two of the many questions you will be asking when you turn the final page of this superb issue!


DC Universe Online Legends #23

As we reach the final few issues of this spectacular series, the action heats up and the excitement mounts as Lex Luthor and the Justice League prepare for the final battle against Brainiac. Marv Wolfman and Mike S. Miller deliver an issue you won’t ¬†forget.

Brainiac has arrived on Earth, and he has gathered an army the likes of which has never been seen before. To stop Brainiac from wiping out the planet and everyone in it, Luthor devises a plan that turns out to be Earth’s last hope. But heroes are falling left and right, and he’ll have to act fast if he is going to save anyone.

Marv Wolfman does a great job conveying the severity of the events in the story to readers. You can almost feel the tension as good and evil prepare for an all-out war. Mike S. Miller’s art compliments the writing beautifully, and it is hard to imagine two people better suited ¬†to write this series.

With only three issues to go and judging by the shocking events of this one, it is looking like this series is going to end with a bang.





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