Supernatural: Season 7 Is Back!


Spoilers ahead!

Season 7 is back after the winter break, with two new episodes aired so far in 2012: “Adventures in Babysitting” and “Time After Time”. While “Adventures in Babysitting” felt a bit anti-climactic after the super intense mid-season finale, “Time After Time” was a lot more engaging – and how can time travel not be.

“Adventures in Babysitting” shows us a bit of aftermath after Bobby’s death in “Death’s Door”. Dean becomes even more obsessed with killing Dick Roman, while Sam helps a teenage girl whose father has gone missing. Turns out the girl’s father was hunting a vetala, a blood-sucking monster who unexpectedly wasn’t alone.
The episode felt a bit weak at times, especially compared to the mid-season finale. But it worked fine as a transition from Bobby’s death in the previous episode, to the present, without him. There were some pretty hilarious bits between Dean and Frank, the slightly crazy computer genius we’ve already seen in one of the previous episodes. Can’t say I particularly enjoyed the storyline with Krissy and her dad, but it got much more interesting by the end. Overall, it was an okay episode with some further advancement of the leviathan arc and a side story.

There was quite a bit going on in “Time after Time”, however, with Sam and Dean going after Chronos, the god of time. When the brothers separate to prevent another attack by the god who is taking the life force out of people – literally, taking their time – Dean gets transported to 1944. There, with the help of none other than Eliot Ness, Dean is able to hunt down the god. With Sam’s and Sheriff Mills’ assistance in the present, Dean gets back to 2012, where they manage to kill Chronos.

“Time after Time” was pretty dark, had a good pace and an interesting plot, and time travel, above all. 1944 was reconstructed nicely, and Dean fit in quite well after changing his outfit to a more appropriate one. I also really enjoyed Nicholas Lea’s performance as Eliot Ness, and Jason Dohring as Chronos. The episode ended rather abruptly and on an unsettling note – a foreshadowing, no doubt, of many more complications to come regarding the leviathans.


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