Comic Review: Justice League #5 Finds the Team United at Last, While The Dark Knight #5 Shows Batman Scared Out of His Mind


What a big week for comics! Lots of New 52 titles hit the stands this week, including Justice League #5, Aquaman #5, and The Dark Knight #5, and several big Marvel titles are also being released. Check out reviews for Justice League #5 and The Dark Knight #5 below!


Justice League #5

The latest issue of Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s Justice League series sees the famed superhero team united at last against the power of the mighty Darkseid. It has taken four issues to get to this point, and now that it is finally here, does it meet expectations? No, it exceeds them.

Darkseid has arrived on Earth, and it’s up to the Justice League to stop him before he wipes out everything they hold dear. But when Darkseid’s minions capture one of the team’s key members, it falls onto an unexpected member to lead the team to victory. But will it be enough to defeat this new alien threat?

Geoff Johns has outdone himself. There are some great action scenes, but what really defines this issue is the dialogue and the character interactions. The conversation between Batman and Green Lantern is probably the most incredible aspect of this issue. Not only does it further develop both characters, but it leads to the Justice League charging into battle as a team for the first time. As usual, Jim Lee provides beautiful artwork, making the issue play out like a movie. Together, these two make one of the greatest writer/artist teams in comic book history.

The only problem with this issue lies in its tendency to focus on certain team members. Flash, Green Lantern, and Batman get tons of dialogue, but Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg barely even show up here. This may not be a big deal, but it would have been a stronger issue if certain characters had a more active role in bringing the team together.

Other than that, Justice League #5 is a phenomenal comic book. Gorgeous artwork and superb writing make this issue a must read.


Batman: The Dark Knight #5

Batman faces an old adversary this time around, but will he be able to beat him once again?

Batman finds himself in an isolated cabin, but he is not alone. The sinister Scarecrow returns, and this time he plans on injecting a fear toxin into Batman that causes drastically changes him. Can Batman overcome the effects of this powerful drug? Or has Scarecrow finally won?

David Finch and Paul Jenkins once again deliver a stunning issue with The Dark Knight #5, and it will be exciting to see where they take the story next. Beautifully drawn, brilliantly written, and well-plotted, this is definitely one of the better Batman titles currently on the stands.

While it is a fun issue, it doesn’t really take the story any further and fails to accomplish much. We still don’t know where Poison Ivy is and we remain clueless as to who is drugging Gotham City. Since the first story arc ends in next issue or two,  it would have been better if more had been revealed so the conclusion won’t feel so rushed.

Those minor quibbles aside, Batman: The Dark Knight #5 is an enjoyable read that should please fans and non-fans alike.



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